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Bursaries for the 2017 CNC - apply now

By Martha Jack posted 01-01-2017 00:00


The BIR and the Fisher Memorial Trust are awarding up to 5 bursaries each of £300 to help career-young biometricians attend the 6th Channel Network Conference in Belgium (at University of Hasselt on 24-26th April 2017) to present their work. Further information on the conference can be found here.

In this context, career-young means within full-time education working on biometrical topics or employed as a biometrician for less than 5 years. Applicants must be members of the BIR and employed or studying in the UK or Ireland at the closing date.

Applications should be submitted by email to the Regional Secretary, Sue Welham, by 31st Jan 2017 and applicants will receive a decision by 28th Feb 2017.

Applications should consist of a cover letter, a brief CV, and the abstract submitted to the conference website (the deadline for abstract submissions is also 31 Jan 2017). The cover letter should make the case for support, stating clearly any other financial contributions sought to attend the conference and the relevance of the conference to the applicant. The CV should include sufficient detail to verify eligibility as a career-young biometrician.