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Call for Stories - Celebrating 75 Years of the IBS  

In 2022, the International Biometric Society is preparing to celebrate 75 years of supporting statisticians, mathematicians, biological scientists, and other professionals devoted to advancing the biosciences.
2022 will be a season of celebration and we're eager to spotlight stories from our amazing Society members! We're launching this call for stories to capture the face of our members and amplify your voice and perspective on the Society's past and what lies ahead for us in the future!
Take a few minutes to shoot a casual video on your phone or computer and send it to the IBS for inclusion in upcoming celebration projects!

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IBC 2020  

Includes access to the IBC 2020 Virtual Learning Series.

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XXXI International Biometric Conference (IBC2022)
10 - 15 July 2022 - Riga, Latvia

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