Pre-conference workshops

There are two preconference workshops which take place on Wednesday 3rd July in the morning.


Parameter Redundancy


Diana Cole (University of Kent)


A parameter redundant model is a model for which it is not possible to estimate all the parameters in the model. The resulting model is not identifiable. Symbolic and numeric methods have been developed to detect parameter redundancy. This workshop will explain how these methods can be used and applied specifically using the symbolic algebra package Maple. The workshop will involve both tuition on parameter redundancy and a practical using Maple to detect parameter redundancy.


For more information visit the parameter redundancy website.


This half day workshop costs £50 to attend.


Current Methods in Mixed Modelling


Lea Fortunato (Imperial College)


The workshop will provide an overview of current statistical methods appropriate for analysing spatial data, some of which may also vary temporally. A brief introduction of Bayesian hierarchical models used in spatial epidemiology will be presented, illustrated with epidemiological examples. Recent extensions to analyses of the spatio-temporal variations of disease or to models of the joint spatial distribution of multiple diseases will be also discussed. Computer implementations of the models via WinBUGS and INLA software will be described throughout.



This half day workshop costs £50 to attend.




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